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Indie Bookfest 2013 Re-cap

Well now that I am home and back to work after what has been an AMAZING weekend with Indie Bookfest on Aug 3rd I can finally go overly fangirl with all the stuff I got. I now have signed copies of books by Isaac Morion, Karina Gioertz, and Dawn Pendleton. I wanted to trade with more people but was super shy so I missed out. Next year (Yes I will be at Indie Bookfest 2014) I will be prepared like a cheetah on the hunt. Just warning all of you 🙂
I am so glad I took the jump and signed up for this. I had so much fun making new friends, finally meeting some friends I had on facebook, trading numbers, and just hanging out with everyone there. Writers love to be hermits and be alone but you put us in a room/hotel together and the laughter never ends. We are all crazy and we don’t care.

Sneak Peek at Seven Deadly Screams

Seven Deadly Screams
Horror Work in Progress
By: Toni Sinns


Jason stopped at the sound of a creek in the dark room. “Cloey is that you?” He called into the darkness trying to find any source of outlined objects, people or a source for light. Nothing. Just darkness like someone had painted black over his eyes themselves. A hot breath came over the nape of his neck and he smiled some. “Well you’re a naughty one. Come here Cloey, I knew you’d turn around and finally accept me.”
Jason turned towards the direction he felt the warm air just as the lights turned on. His eyes grew in horror at the man he saw standing in front of him. A plain china mask covering his face but those blue eyes full of fierce insanity and the desire for murder…
Jason’s screams could be heard around the house. Cloey and Trixy stopped and looked at one another. “What was that?” Cloey asked as she moved closer to her sister. “What do you think it was Cloey? The ice cream man offering free snow cones?” She tried to steady her hand that held the flashlight. The reality that she was going to die in this fun house by the hands of the psychopath was starting to seem undeniable.

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